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Played By: Julian Rhind-Tutt
AIM: sixfootdrew
Date of Birth: April 19, 1981
Originally From: Camden, London
Sexuality: Homosexual
Occupation: Detective Constable with the Met.
Room Number: Apartment 5A in Freedom Place
Favourite Saying: "Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."
Biography • • •

Andrew Miles Wescott was born the youngest of four to a Hampstead family that was, as the saying goes, "comfortably well off". They didn't number among Hampstead's population of millionaires, but they also never lacked money for good schools and little extras like pets and lessons to accommodate whatever interests their children took up, judo in Drew's case. All four Wescotts were raised with strong ideals of community service, and while some might sneer at "Hampstead liberalism", Drew's father and siblings all gave (and still give) a portion of their professional time to low cost or pro bono work to benefit the disadvantaged in the borough of Camden. The family expected Drew to do the same, following the path of his doctor father, veterinarian sister or lawyer brothers, but Drew announced instead that he was going to get a criminology and sociology degree and join the police force. The decision might have worried his parents slightly less had it not come a few months after finding out their youngest son was also gay.

Drew was nonetheless stubborn determined, especially after an off-duty incident that took place shortly after he started his stint as student officer, when he stopped a couple of toughs threatening a young man of Gujarati Indian descent named Sunil Chudasama. Within a month of their meeting, they were dating, and within a year they were seeing each other exclusively. Two years to the day after they met, they became civil partners, meeting with the cautious approval of most of Drew's family and the outright horror of most of Sunil's (denial truly ain't just a river). The couple nonetheless felt confident that they could face the worst that family or career could throw at them.

That confidence hit its first snags when Drew was assigned as a constable in a high-crime area of London. Coming home after a day of sweeping up after overdoses and gang warfare in a community with a history of police distrust would strain any relationship, but Drew also had to deal with the subtle and not-so-subtle disapproval of many of his fellow cops. Social ostracism, comments muttered behind his back, smarmy wisecracks along the lines of oi, mind how you frisk him, petunia and good-looking suspect, better not leave Randy Andy alone with him while he's cuffed ... it all combined with the stresses of the job to weigh on Drew's normally resilient spirit. His silences at home became more pronounced, and Sunil's sense of helplessness with the whole situation grew acute. His solution was for Drew to quit the force, a position which sparked an increasing number of arguments, culminating in a huge blowout when Drew got suspended for decking a fellow constable who made some particularly nasty remarks about his civil partner.

Drew spent his suspension certain he'd get fired or at best, transferred to the arse-end of nowhere. Eventually and much to his surprise, an offer came down (sounding more like an order, really) for him to go through detective's training and transfer to Westminster. He's still not certain why he was handed this alternative, though he has a few suspicions. His acceptance, however, did nothing to repair his relationship with Sunil. Before long the couple started the two year separation required before the court would issue a dissolution order for their partnership.

A year has passed since then. Drew recently finished his CID training and is now a DC partnered with DS Francesca Blevins. He hasn't seen Sunil since they separated, though he occasionally hears word of him, and he no longer wears his ring. At work he's learning the new place he's been slotted into and trying to keep his nose more or less clean. When off-duty he occupies himself with reading, judo kata, nights out with friends, visits with family, occasional rides out of the city on his motorbike, and ballroom dance, a relatively new hobby inflicted on him a couple of years ago by his childhood friend, Rinda Heath. And while he had trouble finding lodgings in Westminster itself, he did find two people looking to share a flat in Kensington ...

Storylines • • •

Darcy Stanwood - New flatmate and friend-in-the-making. Drew likes the younger man and rather hopes he'll teach him something about classical music, a subject on which he feels woefully ignorant. He's quite certain it's early days to be thinking of anything else, though that doesn't mean he hasn't noticed Darcy's pretty blue eyes and cupid-bow lips. He's not blind, after all.

Hayley King - Another new flatmate and friend-in-the-making. The protective instincts that Drew used to focus on Sunil and still focuses on his friend Rinda will likely find another target in Hayley, if she shows an ounce of tolerance for them.

Out Of Character • • •

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