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A letter, written in stages on a white legal pad, and mailed to Enric Blanxart in Barcelona.


Dear Enric,

I know it's been too bloody long since I last wrote. I'm sorry about that. My life has been upended again, but at least this time it's mostly by my own choices. If this letter sounds like one big ramble, that's why.

So where to start? With the new job, or I should say the new position. I've finished detective training and am now a full-fledged Detective Constable. Ha, my partner just looked over my shoulder and told me she'd let me know when I'm done fledging, but more about her later. I'm now stationed in Westminster, the West End to be specific, an area I'm fairly familiar with. I can't say I've left behind all coworker homophobia with my switch to plainclothes, but at least in the CID they're more concerned about how you handle the job. And it could be worse. I could live in the US, where I'd have to be certifiably insane to go into my line of work in the first place.

Frankie Blevins (my new partner) has warned me, though, that I should expect to get shown off every so often as a shining example of how the Metropolitan Police Service is "an employer of choice and an organisation for everyone." Being both black and female, I guess the Detective Sergeant knows what she's talking about there. Yes, Frankie is short for Francesca, and yes, they're still partnering me with women. Not that I have any issues about working with the opposite sex, but it's so obvious why they're doing it. We work well together so far, however, and that's what matters. I do think she sometimes sees me as another white male who needs to be educated about How Things Are, but never mind.

I mentioned that Sunil and I sold the flat in Brixton when I moved in with my parents for a while, right? The good news is that I've moved back out and into a place in Kensington. With the new flat comes a new flatmate, Darcy Stanwood. He's a cellist, and utterly passionate about his music. In fact he gave me a full lecture about the differences between classical and chamber music when I first showed up to look at the place, but my ignorance on the subject hasn't driven him to kick me out. Yet.

At least I have family and friends as constants, though in Richard's case I'm not sure that's a good thing. He still lectures me on what a disappointment to the family I am. But Ceci's always there to let me vent and bring down my blood pressure after talking to him. Len and I are actually getting on fairly well, which I would have called impossible only a few years ago.

So how are things going with you? Finished another year of medical school yet? I hope you have, and that you've had the chance to get out on the water and out riding. I'd like to visit your neck of the woods again sometime, even if it wouldn't be quite the same without Sunil. Past time I get started on taking holidays without him, I suppose, though I don't think the Met's ready to let me take a long stretch of time off quite yet.

I look forward to your next letter or email, whichever you wind up doing. I have an AIM account now; if you ever want to chat, just ping me at drewinblue. And take care of yourself.




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